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Bargain's Plus has the widest range of fidget toys in Australia.

What are the benefits of fidget toys?

Fidget toys are used to reduce stress or increase concentration, and can be found anytime, anywhere. Whether you're at the office, in a traffic jam, or just sitting on the couch, there's bound to be something you can do with a fidget toy. As such, they're probably the best item to have as an "office toy" since they help relieve boredom and provide comfort for those who may suffer from anxiety.

Fidget toys are also great for anxious and fidgety children who have trouble sitting still without something to occupy them. Our toys are wonderful for many settings. Our fidget toys are perfect for schools, to help children focus and engage in their learning by giving them a stimulating distraction. They can be used as an aid during exams or tests, at home with siblings, while waiting for the dentist, doctor's appointment, etc.

We stock a variety of different fidget toys, including Bubble Pop It toys, hand puzzles and infinity cubes to keep those busy hands occupied!

Why is Bubble Pop It so popular?

This latest craze is getting very popular on social media. It stems from the original bubble wrap used for sending goods by mail. The problem was that once the bubbles were all popped then you would have to find more bubble wrap. It is believed to provide relief from anxiety, stress, and emotional tension. The Bubble Pop It is a great way to continuously pop until your hearts content. This strange new trend has blown up on social media, which some people believe may cause an addiction to the high associated with the bubble-popping sensation.